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Hi there and welcome.

My name is Neathery (rhymes with Feathery) Thurmond and I am a clinical social worker, board approved supervisor, and certified group psychotherapist in Austin, TX. My pronouns are she/her/hers (see here why this is important). You can read more about me here. I work with individuals, families, groups, and provide consultation and training. I value cultivating a space of compassion and am proud to serve folks of all backgrounds, orientations, identities, expressions, and relationship and family constellations. I’m fat positive, sex positive, and poly and kink aware.

If you’ve found my website, chances are you’re looking for something more out of life. I’m here to listen non-judgmentally and partner with you on your journey towards a more satisfying life filled with vitality. Therapy is a powerful way to explore your deepest desires, get support with difficult experiences, and figure out how to take action towards living a meaningful life. Through tears and laughs along the way, I’m here to support you.

I provide a complimentary 15 minute initial consultation to answer any questions and see how I might be able to help, whether it’s in working with me or another stellar therapist in the community. I am dedicated to ensuring you find what you need. Please feel free to contact me here.