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I am a relational therapist which means I believe the most powerful aspect of therapy lies within relationships. Healing and growth happens in the presence of safety and in truly being seen and understood. As a queer therapist with my own story of challenging experiences, I get it. I can understand what it’s like to take the step in finding support and I also know how transformative a healthy collaborative relationship can be.

I value bringing my whole self into our work together and pride myself in being real. I will not just nod and ask “how does that make you feel?” I will roll up my sleeves and join you in your exploration and your process and help shine a light on the things that matter to you. I have a playful side to me that helps me connect with my adolescent clients as well as with the inner child of my adult clients. I see our work together as an adventure that we are co-creating.

In my free time I enjoy being outside, hanging out with family and friends, yoga, movies, social justice and activism, starting and never finishing books, and hiking the Greenbelt with my partner and our pups.

I’m an ENFJ, my Enneagram Type is a 2, and I can watch endless Vine compilation videos.

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