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Yoga for All Bodies

Dear Reader,

I recently attended a hip opener yoga workshop led by Jessamyn Stanley. First of all, if you didn’t know, we store our emotions in our hips. So, hip opening poses are known for allowing emotions to release and can be powerful to overall well-being. While I love hip openers, my only reason for attending was to be led through a vinyasa (yoga flow) by Jessamyn. She is an amazing human, yoga teacher and body positivity activist. She recently wrote the book “Every Body Yoga” and I am such a fan of her and her work.

Yoga is a powerful tool for mind, body, and spirit connection and yet in the mainstream media it can appear to be focused on a certain type of person. We all know the type. White, thin, straight, cisgender (mostly female identified), and affluent. If you find yourself checking all of those boxes, yoga can still be for you! Just please be aware of your privilege. What I mostly want to express/rant in this blog post is how we can make yoga more inclusive. (I also just want to note that I realize what I know of Yoga is the culturally appropriated version and I honor the history of Yoga with origins in India. I am thankful to be a member of my home studio where there is focus on studying yogic philosophy.)

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